Don’t DIY: How To Find An Approved Electrician

When something goes wrong with the electrics in your house, you need an electrician. There is no such thing as DIY when it comes to most things electrical. Trying to fix things yourself could end in injury and probably make the original job more time consuming and costly that it was in the first place. Before electrical work is started, all electrical supply to relevant circuits must be safely isolated. It’s very important for home safety that all wiring is installed correctly because a simple mistake can have serious consequences.

House fires caused by electrical faults happen in their hundreds every year and although everything may seem to function correctly after you done the job yourself, how can you be sure that it has been installed safely? Hiring an electrician will give you peace of mind that the job has been carried out correctly and more importantly safely.

Weigh it up yourself; what is more important to you? Money, your life or even your family’s safety. There is no defence for carrying out electrical work yourself, it’s not safe unless you are competent and correctly trained. This is the main idea behind Part ‘P” compliance of the Building Regulations.

So, how do you choose an electrician? The NICEIC is a register of approved electricians that perform outstanding quality work. The NICEIC measure the technical competence of registered electricians on a regular basis to ensure all work is to an excellent standard and comply with all safety measures. Another benefit of using a registered contractor of the NICEIC is that their works comes with an insurance backed warranty. Should any work carried out by an approved contractor not reach regulations and they are no longer in business, the NICEIC will send another approved contractor to do the work free of charge.

As an NICEIC approved contractor; Whizz Sparks are specialists Electricians in West London and only perform work to the highest of standards and industry safety regulations providing certification for work on completion.