Electrical Safety Register Highlights Importance Of Certified Electricians

The UK’s Electrical Safety Register, which contains details of more than 36,000 certified electricians across the country, has highlighted the need for people to use accredited contractors in their home rather than opting for DIY work. The register, which is an online catalogue of certified electricians, seeks to make it easier for people to find accredited contractors and avoid low-quality or potentially unsafe work to be carried out in their homes.

Figures released by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) last month revealed that too many homeowners make cost a priority rather than quality, or the credentials of electricians that they hire.

After conducting a new survey, the Electrical Safety Council estimated that roughly 6.2 million Britons could be at risk of injury or worse by living in poorly or illegally wired homes and revealed that electrical accidents in the home kill an average of one person each week – worrying statistics that will make you think twice before you attempt complicated DIY electrical work in your home.

Far from being a scare tactic, the results of the survey are attempting to highlight the importance of using electrical contractors who are certified by the NICEIC, the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) or the Electrical Safety Council (ESC).

DIY Work Can Be Illegal & Unsafe

As well as revealing stark safety figures, the study also noted how unaware Brits were about laws surrounding electrical work. A quarter were not aware that any electrical work carried out in your bathroom, kitchen or garden must be carried out by a registered electrician – like us here at Whizz Sparks.

As well as offering guaranteed safety, work carried out by certified electricians is guaranteed to be carried out to high standards and offer high quality, too. As a registered electrician with the NICEIC, all the work that is carried out by us is done to the organisations high standards and is guaranteed to provide you with safety in your home. Electrical safety is not something to take lightly, which is why we always ensure our standard of work is impeccably high.

If you don’t want to put you, your family or your home at risk with unsafe and potentially illegal electrical work, then follow the industry’s advice and opt for an accredited electrician such as Whizz Sparks. Whether your fuse board needs replacing or major rewiring work is needed, you can count on us for quality and safety. Call us today on 01895 259 693 to enlist our expert services.