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Hello Everyone and here is a little information about our new site, yes its under construction, but we don't think that's a bad thing, expect to see lots of updates here as well as new functions that help you get the service you need from a local electrician or contractor.

Whizz Sparks can cover all those needs just take a look at some of our previous posts that will inform you of previous jobs, or better still give us a call for a quote.

Maybe your interested in money saving electrical goods we can help you with that also!

Energy to our homes is something we find important to our lives. Many companies out there promote cheap products and great service at a good price. However, they realize that consumers are unaware that their claims are, many times, overly exaggerated. Uxbridge Electricians such as Whizz Sparks have a mission in which they reduce energy usage

False advertising is one of the many ways in which energy companies work to convince consumers that they should switch over to them. Unwary, the consumer is led to believe that they are getting the best deals and prices on the products in which they are investing in. This is the enemy # 1. Those great-priced products sometimes end up being installed on the wrong kind of equipment.

For most consumers, the amount of the bill is what matters the most. Energy is invisible, so you’re paying for something that you can not see. This is Uxbridge Electricians #2 enemy. While they promote their cheaper deals, they tend to forget to mention that there are extra, unseen charges. That is until you get your bill.

Each product that is offered will give you 50% back on your return investment. The installation of a motor controller saves you 50% off your energy. Your bill will see a 30% reduction by installing an air conditioning energy saver. If you’re worried about how much will be added to your bill with those little lights, the LED lighting actually saves 85% of your energy usage. On a refrigeration thermostat, energy is reduced by 50%, therefore giving you 30% savings.

To ensure you that you are getting your money’s worth, Uxbridge Electricians like WhizzSparks won’t add any charges that you’re unaware of having on your work bill. You receive easy-to-read information right at your fingertips. Whether it is on a PC, laptop, Android, or your iPad, you’ll never be confused to where your hard-earned money is going. Energy shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll get savings on all your energy needs.