How Office Lighting West London Can Effect Employees

Office Lighting West London

It’s a well known fact that overall look of an office space can have a significant impact on the productivity of employees working there. One important element that is mostly overlooked is the lighting. Many people think that standard fluorescent bulbs are all that are required for the right amount of illumination, but the reality is that this type of lighting can look dull and can make any office space appear boring. There are many options available to you when it comes to office lighting in West London. Let's have a close look at few of them.

Overhead office lighting

This is the best way to brighten up a work space, but you can do this without using generic fluorescent lamp. These days, you can get creative overhead bulbs that can provide sufficient luminance, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. For instance, you can create a stylish look with the help of Holophance bulb while distributing the right amount of glow. You can also create a neat-looking profile using a multi-directional bulb that fits cleanly in the ceiling as it can be easily adjusted for the best angle.

Table lamps

Table lamps in the offices are also important, especially in the ones with office desks with computers. They help in creating focus on the work desk. It also helps in reducing the contrast between the monitor and the work space, which helps in reducing the eye strain.

Floor lamps

Most of the times, people don’t consider floor lamps for office use. But they can be very helpful for the employees dealing in the creative artwork and design. The drama and contrast that floor lamps create not only add to the looks of the overall aesthetics, but also help in boosting the fresh ideas and creativity. When comparing an office with the stimulating colors and shapes to the one with uniform and plain design, the former is more likely to stir up the ideas and concepts.

Track lighting

Sometimes you can add variety to the look of your work space by changing the position of the source of illumination. You can easily achieve that with the track lighting. In this, many sets of bulbs are attached to the metal track and can be adjusted by sliding them all along the track. This arrangement can be installed on the walls or overhead and is best for highlighting fixtures.

Natural light

If the office has huge unobstructed glass windows, it is great to use the natural light for illumination and then supplement it using artificial sources. This type of arrangement can also reduce the energy required to brighten up any work area.

Some considerations

When position the source of office lighting in the West London, or creating some variety in the level of brightness, you must also consider some important illumination elements.

Reflective surfaces

You should be careful when positioning the direction of your lamps, especially on the glossy surface such as PC monitor. Wrong positioning can cause glare and may make matter difficult to read. The ideal position would be from the side so that the reflection can bounce off the opposite end and not straight into the eyes of an employee.

A picture of office lighting in London


Human eye can adapt to wide range of brightness levels, but may do so one level at a time. Therefore, forcing eyes to adjust to different levels of brightness contrasts may lead to an eye fatigue. When organizing your light sources, make sure level of brightness in the work areas is neither too bright nor too dim.

When decorating or organizing an office space, it is important not to overlook the significance of lighting elements. A simple change in the source or angle of illumination can easily enhance the ambiance of any workplace and will ultimately reflect positively on the performance of employees.