How to Spot a Potential Electrical Problem in Your Home

How to Spot a Potential Electrical Problem in Your Home Today we’re going to go through some tips on electrical safety in the home and some common problems to look out for that suggest problems with your wiring.

Plug sockets and light switches are something we use every day and most likely don’t appreciate just how much we need them until something goes wrong with them. Old plug sockets and switches can be dangerous if the wiring has aged and become faulty. If you do not have many plug sockets in your rooms or you have single plug sockets this can indicate old wiring or an old installation.


If your plug sockets or switches have any cracks, broken plastic or any wiring visible they should not be used and need to be replaced by an electrician as soon as possible as this could be dangerous. Plugs should not feel hot when used, make a crackling noise or have any smell; if any of these signs appear, you have an electrical wiring problem and should call an electrician.


Moving onto lights, if you have flickering lights this is an indication of old or faulty electrical wiring. Another sign is having to change light bulbs on a more than regular basis; this indicates a wiring problem. These are signs that you could notice everyday if you looked out for them and they are potentially lifesaving.

Faulty electrical wiring can cause house fires, potentially endangering yours and your family’s lives. If you are in any doubt at all, never perform electrical work by doing DIY. The risks far outweigh the pros and electrocution is likely if you do not know what you are doing.

Whizz Sparks are specialist electricians in Harrow who can help you with any issues you may have when it comes to the electrics in your home. By hiring an approved electrician you will have peace of mind that a good job has been done and your home is safe.