Providing Safety For Care: Whizz Sparks Now Listed With Age UK

We’ve already covered on our news feed at great length the importance of using trusted and accredited electricians like us, and the dangers posed by using electrical contractors who might not be trained, approved or even safe. In fact, the NICEIC even have a Wall of Shame to warn consumers of companies posing as accredited contractors when they are not. We’ve all read the countless stories in the newspapers and seen the variety of TV shows warning of unauthorised contracting work on your home, and how ‘cowboy’ services can often target older and more vulnerable residents for extortionate sums for unnecessary or poor quality work.

Peace Of Mind With Trusted Services

Thankfully, you can rely on us here at Whizz Sparks to be nothing of the sort, providing you with nothing less than a professional, high quality and completely trustworthy service for those that need it most. As any reputable electrician should be we are NICEIC accredited, meaning we work to the same very high standards whether we’re simply rewiring outlets or tackling much bigger work.

Our most recent accolade, however, is being listed on Age UK’s London directory as an approved and trusted electrical contractor – meaning that by calling us, as well as getting impeccable work completed on target, you’ll also enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

Whether it’s simple domestic work on wiring, outlets or fuse boxes, or regular contracting work in a commercial setting (such as care homes) then our complete services will cover any needs you might have regarding your home or building electrics.

Being able to assure yourself of the quality of service a company can provide is paramount to giving you peace of mind that you’ll get the right service, only get work you need and be able to trust the quality and price of any work done.

If you’re in need of an electrical contractor you can trust, whether it’s for domestic or commercial work, then you can count on us here at Whizz Sparks to provide you with a reliable service. NICEIC approved and London Age UK listed, we can offer you an honest service of impeccable quality – call us today on 01895 259693 to discuss your needs and arrange an assessment.