PIR Testing

What is PIR?

Simply put this is a Peridoic Inspection test and subsequent report. It can be likened to a MOT test for your electrical installations with the obvious maintenance and safety benefits.

Why PIR testing?

The government says on its website, www.hse.gov.uk, the following:

“Carry out preventative maintenance:

“All electrical equipment and installations should be maintained to prevent danger. It is strongly recommended that this includes an appropriate system of visual inspection and, where necessary, testing. By concentrating on a simple, inexpensive system of looking for visible signs of damage or faults, most of the electrical risks can be controlled. This will need to be backed up by testing as necessary. It is recommended that fixed installations are inspected and tested periodically by a competent person. The frequency of inspections and any necessary testing will depend on the type of equipment, how often it is used, and the environment in which it is used. Records of the results of inspection and testing can be useful in assessing the effectiveness of the system.”